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    Todd Acamesis

    When we enter a deep altered state, like during astral projection practice, breathing can become very shallow, to the point where it almost becomes undetectable. If you’ve not experienced this effect before, its easy to think you’ve stopped breathing, at which point you might experience panic.

    Its also a sign you’ve probably briefly clicked out (fall unconscious), where you then make an unconscious astral projection transition into your energy body / etheric body, before then clicking back in (become conscious again), and instead of waking up in your physical body, you wake up in one of our energetic forms, and as the energetic forms don’t have lungs, we panic, because we think we’ve stopped breathing…

    We call this, “the last breath”… and it goes with the territory of being an astral projector, so is just something you have to get used to through practice.

    Anyone else have this happen during out of body practice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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