Is lucid dreaming a complete waste of time compared to astral projection?

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    Todd Acamesis

    “Is lucid dreaming a complete waste of time compared to astral projection?”

    That was a question recently asked to me. Below was my reply…

    I would say imagination created all levels of consciousness, because we live in a thought responsive reality. And because everything including hallucinations seem to have a purpose to a developing soul, I’ve learned to value all phenomenon as an opportunity to develop and evolve my consciousness. Lucid dreams in particular are useful for doing personal work, such as shadow work, all within the confines of a personal reality bubble. And because most everything within an LD is an aspect of my own consciousness, I usually ask probing questions of the dream state before even thinking about launching into the out-of-body state from an LD… like, “why am I being shown this?” or “what inner work or karma is reflected in this experience. Whether we like it or not, inner work is part of the curriculum for budding souls, so why not do some of the personal development work in the safe space of dreams.

    Also, most experienced astral projectors come to realise all lucid dreams are taking place within the energy body and astral body, so technically, you’re already out-of-body once you enter a lucid dream. Its why its a good window for going astral, because in a lot of cases, you’re already in the astral. I’d also go as far to say that lots of unconscious dreams are interpretations of unconscious astral projection experiences… dreaming about being out-of-body is a good example of this phenomenon. And all the out-of-body sensations, including the vibrations can be felt within dreams, especially if the dream is taking place within the first energy body, because the vibrations are a sign the chakras within the first energy body are active and drawing in universal energies… many times the vibrations helped me become lucid in dreams or conscious of already being in the out of body state.

    I would also say, be open to the idea that we are in the out of body state far more than we realise. This is especially true when I’m doing my astral projection practice and I briefly click in and out of conscious awareness…sometimes after clicking back into awareness and I think I’m waking back into my physical body, a helper will suddenly tug on one of my energy body limbs to let me know I’ve not woken back into my physical body, but to alert me that I’ve made an unconscious transition. False awakenings are another great example of our double life, not just in dreamland but the astral too… I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve bumped into friends who are occupied by the dreaming mind, while I’m fully conscious in an astral reality. This stuff is far more dynamic than the rule sets of our current psychological and scientific understanding.

    So yeah, I find value in all states of consciousness and I regularly make sure to get my ego in check when I start taking dreams or lucid dreams for granted, because impatience, boredom, or lack of enthusiasm for these states is a sign of fear, because fear always manifests itself as low quality emotions. Lucid dreams and out of body experiences offer a budding consciousness options for transcending fear, both in their own ways.

    Ultimately, because I now see all form based realities as taking place within the one true reality of consciousness; a formless, intelligent substance. I never allow my fear mind to make any of these states insignificant… the physical plane and the realm of dreams might sometimes be suggested as illusions, which obscure a truer reality behind them. But metaphysical principles are not mean to make these realities less important, but to be tools for transforming our experiences of these realities from fearful experiences, to loving experiences. LDs and AP each play a role in our spiritual development…

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